Dell iDRAC 6 Virtual console connection error

I am system administrator for national Scouting organizator in my country and a few days ago I had to preform some tasks on our two Dell R510 servers that are equipped with Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 – enterprise version (iDRAC6).  After connecting over Cisco VPN, I could access the iDRAC web application, but after launching Virtual console, connection returned error: “Connection failed.“.



I already had problems with Javas security permissions and iDRAC virtual console, so firstly I went to Java Security settings and  I changed settings to allow everything – from false certificates to unknown sources and everything in-between. After retrying I still got error and enabling console gave me following error:

After trying literally everything (changing virtual console settings in iDRAC, resetting iDRAC, updating iDRAC to latest version, even changing registry as suggested by: [1] and [2] ) i stil could not connect. I don’t remember if registry changes solved that java.util.prefs.WindowsPreferences error, but nevertheless I still could not connect to virtual console.  Last option coming to my mind was to downgrade Java from 8 to 7. In short this helped.

I have latest iDRAC updates installed (version 2.85 ) released in May 2016 – way later than last public Java 7 release on (April 14, 2015).

TL;DR; Downgrade Java from 8 to Java 7 – build 79 and your problems are solved if you encounter this.


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  1. Thanks a lot!!
    I had the same problem and I was looking the solution for more than a week unsuccessfully. Java downgrade to 7.79 helped in a minute.

    1. Np, glad I helped. I decided to save the trouble in the future and created myself a virtual machine in which all of the tools are configured for the times when I will need them.

  2. Wow! This was the only thing that worked for me! I recently picked up a R710 for building a home virtual lab and I could not get the console redirection to work no matter what I did.

    Thank you! It’s worth having a Windows 7 vm running all the time with an older version of Java just for this.

  3. I was looking for reasons and solutions for about a week. and yet it is your so simple and functional

    Are you BEST!

  4. Thanks for the post!! I had the same issue, and I really ran out of idea until seeing your post:) Thank you!

  5. I had the same problem also . Dell PowerEdge R710 with idrac 6 and the latest f/w level 2.90 and all the latest f/w for the server in general.
    For me it works until java 8u162. If I install a newer version is not working.

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