Asus UX31A Heavy Load Temperatures

In the post about how to upgrade SSD drive on UX31A user commenter Iosif Bancioiu asked how  my UX31A’s temperatures are under heavy load and in idle.

I performed heavy load tests in room that had about 23°C, I run stress test with program called HeavyLoad that during test performs:

  • Full CPU load
  • writing to a temp file (ssd stress)
  • allocates full virtual and physical memory (memory stress)
  • simulates disk accesses (more useable in with hard disk, than ssd)
  • stresses GPU with 3D rendering graphics.

I first run the test for 5 minutes to warm up the PC and then I run 10 minute test while I measured temperatures and other parameters with program HWiNFO64.

Temperature results on test are:

  • CPU:
    • min: 88.0°C
    • max: 91.0°C
  • GPU cores (CPU GT Cores):
    • min: 86.0°C
    • max: 89.0°C
  • Intel PCH:
    • min: 70.0°C
    • max: 76.6°C
  • Crucial SSD:
    • min: 53.0°C
    • max: 58.0°C
Screenshot of the test results. Click on the image for full image, with all the details about the test.

If we check Intel’s specifications on i7-3517U it is declared that processor has T_JUNCTION = 105°C. Intel declares: Junction Temperature is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor die. It seems that processor is running as expected and in not too hot.

Regarding SSD, I didn’t found specs for my SSD exactly, but for similar SSDs Crucial is reporting operating temperatures from 0°C to 70°C, which also shows that SSD isn’t too hot.